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Who We Are

CGS Delivers Exceptional Results With A Soldier-for-Life Mentality

At Core Government Services (CGS), we are dedicated to providing our US government clients and industry partners with a true "Win-Win-Win" solution.


Our Mission is to provide high-quality services that satisfy the unique needs of each government agency and benefit all stakeholders involved.

Our Team is committed to delivering results that exceed expectations, while maintaining transparency and government compliance.

What We Offer

Market Value Compensation/
Benefits to retain great employees.


Quality services that provide value to our government clients.

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Low Overhead Competitiveness to meet government requirements.


CGS Core Values

The “Core” in Core Government Services is based on the values we bring to each endeavor. These values are the reason we decided to form this company, and our guiding principles for how we interact with both our team and customers:

Shaking Hands

The driving value for our engagement with each other, our employees, our teammates, and with our Government customers.


The ways that we act and treat each other, our employees, and our customers must be quiet, humble and professional.

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We live by and operate with Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

Business Meeting

Our objective is to grow this business by providing Win-Win-Win to the Customers, Employees, and the Company.

What We Do

In the US Army we train soldiers to keep them protected and to keep them alive in an unforgiving world with an ever-evolving enemy.


At Core Government Services we:

  • Train Soldiers

  • Create their environments

  • Maintain their facilities

  • Develop their software 

  • Protect their networks 

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What We Promise

We will always meet your mission - on time and above standard.

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We will honor our commitments with transparency & speed.

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We will not stop until our work is deemed 100% satisfactory.

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"CGS provides the Valiant XCTC Team with a responsive, hard-working, and dedicated teammate. From their work on the proposal, their solutioning, their great recruiting & staffing, and now their performance on the contract, CGS has exceeded our expectations in every area. A rock-solid teammate with rock solid results."



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